U S Anderson Attraction

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I do not confuse what I seem to be with what I really
 Am. I am never what I seem to be, and always what I 
really Am—host to the indwelling God. I quiet the 
movements of my body, slow my breathing, and glide deep 
into the recesses of my being, to the very center of my 
consciousness. Here in this place of infinite calm I 
become one with the immortal Self of the world, and I 
observe. My thoughts cross my consciousness in a 
never-ending stream.

I do not create these thoughts. They come
 from the infinite reaches of the Universal Subconscious
 Mind and are directed to my consciousness, for I have 
attracted them. I may choose any thoughts I desire. I have 
but to decide, and the ideas and images I have chosen are 
directed to me. As I accept them so will they manifest in
 my world. I alone decide what I will think; thus I decide 
my entire life.

I bar the door of my mind to negative
 thoughts or thoughts of evil. The door is always open to
 admit the positive, the good, the beautiful and the aspiring. 
I have complete confidence in the wisdom and the 
power of the Universal Subconscious Mind. I do not predict 
the manner in which each of my thoughts will
 manifest; I have complete faith that God moves in the 
most perfect manner.

There is no such thing as lack unless 
it is accepted; the universe has infinite supply. Vigor
 and health, abundance and success are mine, for I choose 
only such thoughts. Love abounds in a universe where I 
am one with the immortal Self, the Universal Subconscious 
Mind, God. My every decision is answered from a 
perfect and inexhaustible source of power.