Murphy Power of Faith

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation to have the Power of Faith

The prayer of faith shall save the sick and God shall raise him up. I know that no matter what the negation of yesterday was, my prayer or affirmation of truth will rise triumphantly over it today. I steadfastly behold the joy of the answered prayer. I walk all day long in the light.

Today is God’s day; it is a glorious day for me, as it is full of peace, harmony and joy. My faith in the good is written in my heart and felt in my inward parts. I am absolutely convinced that there is a presence and a perfect law which receives the impress of my desire now and which irresistibly attracts into by experience all the good things my heart desires. I now place all my reliance, faith, and trust in the power in presence of God within me; I am at peace.

I know I am a guest of the infinite and that God is my host. I hear the invitation of the holy one saying, come unto me all ye that labor, and I will give you rest. I rest in God; all is well.