Murphy Healing Principle

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Applying the Healing Principle

I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord. The God in me has limitless possibilities. I know that all things are possible with God. I believe this and accepted wholeheartedly now. I know that the God power in me makes darkness light and crooked things straight. I am now lifted up in consciousness by contemplating that God indwells me.

I speak the word now for the healing of mind, body and affairs; I know that this principle within me response to my faith and trust. The father doeth the works. I am now in touch with life, love, truth and beauty within me. I now align myself with the infinite principle of love and life within me. I know that harmony,
health and peace are now being expressed in my body.

As I live, move and act in the assumption of my perfect health, it becomes actual. I now imagine and sealed the reality of my perfect body. I am filled with a sense of peace and well-being. Thank you, father.