I AM Invocation

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I AM Invocation

Thou Infinite, Mighty Presence, Thou All-Pervading Principle of
Life! We give praise and thanks for Thy Wondrous Activity through all outer
presence. Out of Thy Mighty Essence comes all that is, and oh! that humanity
might understand, Thou art ever and forever Self-sustained. Thou Mighty, Active
Principle of Life, surge forth in the outer activity of mankind and manifest Thy
Supreme Justice now in all places.

Mighty Presence of Light—God in Action! govern the minds of mankind, holding
them to Truth and Justice, and see that Thy Messengers are placed in all official
positions. Let naught of the outer interfere, that none of humanity may accept any
thought of deception.

Mighty Presence of God in Action, surge forth in the minds of all, expressing
Thy Conquering Presence.

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