GOD of Wonders

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GOD OF WONDERS (2:59 mark)

I AM the God who shows wonders
I AM the Lord and my voice is powerful and full of majesty
I AM God nothing is too hard for me
I AM God who made all my wonderful works to be remembered
I AM God and my glory thunders
I AM the spirit of knowledge and understanding
I AM the Holy Spirit that moved upon the deep
I AM worthy of worship; glorious and incomparable
I AM God who makes himself known thru visions
I AM dunamis power
I AM the giver of all revelation
I AM glorious and full of weighty spender
I AM the triune God of Israel
I AM God who performs signs
I AM he that ascended to the father
I AM God who speaks in night seasons
I AM the king of glory
I AM he who searches the mind and heart
I AM great; and greatly to be praised
I AM Yah and Yahwh
I AM the creator of ALL true worship
I AM wisdom
I AM omniscient
I AM the Lord who stretches out the heavens
I AM God who speaks
I AM Jehovah Rophe; your healer
I AM God who declares new things before they spring forth
I AM the answer of your tongue
I AM prophecy fulfilled; never early never late
I AM God who gives you dreams
I AM above all who ever thought to be gods