Daily Affirmation 56

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Daily Affirmation

I will do my very best today, whatever that is.
My best may be a tiny fraction of what it was 10 years ago,
it may be twice what it was yesterday – none of that matters.
In this day, this moment, I shall do my calm joyful best.
There is nothing and no one to compare myself to.
This is the only moment I can live, the only one I can be.
And I make the most of my present by BEing present,
just as I am, just as I am not.

My best changes all the time –
therefore I show up and do the best of
whatever best I have to give today.
My success has nothing to do with what is accomplished on
a “to do” list – and perhaps today’s best will be a long walk
and two naps in the sunshine. Being one’s self is not stressful.
Trying to compete even with my old self is the stress that
destroys present happiness and peace.
Today, I am the best ME that I can possibly be – whatever that means.