Daily Affirmation 55

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Daily Affirmation

I am a Mystic and a Miracle Tracker.
Like a detective I gather up the evidence and clues as
I record and build my case to prove that Grace is loosed upon the Earth.
I am filled with wonder as I walk my path today.
Wonderful experiences just fall in my lap and
I am guided by the Light to the best opportunities.
And this is all because I have chosen to think NEW
thoughts and BELIEVE in possibilities instead of limitations.
None of it comes from the outside, for the only Power is the Christ within.
Nothing and no one can save me – I am safe because
I choose to think safe and loving thoughts.

I look around me today and see beauty, order and goodness.
I am co-creating my Life today with every thought I think.
The world I see is the one I invoke through my Consciousness.
Today I am invoking the world of wonder and delight and
I fully expect miracle after miracle to light my way.