Daily Affirmation 26

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Daily Affirmation

I am magnetic to my good!
There is a Dynamic Something in the Universe which
responds to my thoughts, words, feelings and attitudes.
Today, I choose to focus on all that is good as
I go on rampages of appreciation and praise.
I TELL people how wonderful they are as
I lift them up – and I tell myself how wonderful I am
as I am lifted up to higher and higher levels of Joy!

I am irresistible to my greater good and
I am gathering up evidence that Life loves me.
My Infinite Source is within me and the blessings are
springing forth from me today in all directions.

I am not worried about the future for
the best is yet to come as I envision only the good.
There is no need for me to make anything happen nor
to be aggressive or pushy, for miracles of love
are opening the doors to my good with Grace and ease.
I remain calm and yet alert as I bless the world and
count up my own blessings while walking this path of Peace.