Daily Affirmation 21

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Daily Affirmation

I am running my own race today. There is no competition, condemnation nor criticism in me nor towards me. Everyone wins in my space, including me. I do not bother with the ego notion of dreaming big, for I dream JOYFULLY instead. In Spirit, there is no size, no comparison, no order of difficulty. There is nothing to prove, no one to impress. I release all desire to be special, for God created me and there is nothing I need add to make myself more valuable. I am happily playing in my own yard.

I now give 100% of my attention to those who love, adore and support me just as I am. I only spend time with those it feels great to be around. I withdraw all attention from those who don’t get me, don’t like me, don’t approve of me, or want me to be different. I release them with love and turn entirely away from them and I now only attract and spend time where there is mutual love, support and great joy. There is no one and nothing to audition for – I’ve got the part of ME and I am playing it with great ease and joy as I savor all my own unique weirdness here in the world I have created in the Possibility Matrix.