Daily Affirmation 12

Single Play
Looped 10
Looped 25

Daily Affirmation

I am living in a Spiritual Universe, formed from loving Thought.
My thought is creative and is creating my world today.
Today I choose grateful, joyous, and loving thoughts as
I know that these thoughts will be reflected back to me.
I do not have to design the ways and means for this is an
Intelligent Universe that knows HOW and when and where.
My part is to align myself with my greater good as I RELAX
and allow in calm expectancy – my heart and mind open and receptive.
This is a day of divine fulfillment and limitless possibilities for good.
I happily participate as I allow my Creative Imagination to vision
only the best knowing there is no need to worry or rush.
The Universe has perfect timing and knows where to find me.
My faith and belief in the good are growing and expanding daily.
There is no opposite to this Divine Power and Presence.
All is well in me and in my world.