Buy Affirmations for Download

People keep asking how to download these affirmations. Obviously this is a streaming site that took several months to create and narrate. And I made it free for a reason. But, I realize that a lot of people like having affirmations on their phones and tablets I have decided to make that option now available. Do not feel the need to avail yourself of this, but it is available if you should so wish. How it Works; You can choose 5 affirmations, any length, ie,single, 10x, etc…send me the titles of the affirmations, I will send you a paypal invoice for $25, $5.00 each and when the invoice is paid I will zip a folder together and send you a link. Easy peasy…

Click the Contact / Submission link in the Nav bar and include the list of affirmations

Question: Can I just buy 1
Answer: No

Questions: Can I buy more then 5
Answer: Yes

Question: What format are these audios
Answer: MP3

Question: How long till I get my Affirmations?
Answer: I will not compile the audios until you pay the invoice, then it will be within 24 hours.

Question: Do you do Custom Affirmations
Answer: Standard voice over rates are $250 an hour, if that dont scare you contact me.

Question: Can you give me an example of an order request

Murphy Mental Poise x 10
Murphy Overcoming Fears x 10
I AM Invocation 4 x 10
U S Anderson Illusion x10
Book of Mirdad 1 x10

( The X10 means you want the file that is looped 10 times…best value for the money )

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