GOD of Symbols

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GOD OF SYMBOLS (6:02 mark)

I AM the spirit of knowledge and understanding
I AM worthy of worship glorious and incomparable
I AM found in my appointed feasts
I AM the anointing oil
I AM the bright cloud that comes to you
I AM the synagogue; church; tabernacle; and temple
I AM the living water of life
I AM the shofar trumpet
I AM the fountain of Israel
I AM Israel’s living star
I AM the Passover
I AM the Arc of the Covenant
I AM the door
I AM the Altar of the tabernacle
I AM the balm of Gilead
I AM the rose of Sharon
I AM the tree of life
I AM the God of Bethel
I AM the lily of the valley
I AM God whose Sabbaths are assigned between you and me
I AM the rainbow’s color
I AM the rock; there is no other
I AM the glory and the cloud of the temple
I AM the bread of life
I AM your rock; full of living water
I AM the light of the world
I AM a consuming fire
I AM the north; your promoter
I AM the bright and morning star
I AM the light; luminous; glowing; and radiant one

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