U S Anderson Success

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The infinite creative power of the Universal Subconscious Mind lies within me. I attune myself; remove all barriers from my thought, become receptive to the purposes of God. I know that my life is great and good when I perform service with love. The right ideas are delivered to me, I accept them and Subconscious Mind provides me with the means of bringing them into my world.

I know that all things spring from Universal Mind, which is infinitely abundant. Lack and limitation are errors in thinking and I banish them from my consciousness. There can be no lack. I need only to let the Universal Mind express itself through me and my world is filled with creativeness, achievement and prosperity. My goal will be delivered to me for they are the goal of God who never fails.

Whatever my task I perform it with love, for I know that when I serve another I serve the purposes of a greater design. All about me I see the law of mutual exchange therefore I give as I would receive. I know that abundance and prosperity are mental conditions. I create them on the plane of mind with complete trust and confidence that they will manifest in my life. I refuse to accept undesirable circumstance as having final reality.

First cause is mental and is never found in the world about me. A mighty truth is at the center of my consciousness, w here no work is difficult, where peace always reigns, where all things are possible. I know that life is a journey that must be traveled step by step and I am patient, enjoying the wonder of the way with unshakable faith in my destination.

I submit my will, knowing that success will come when I fulfill my indwelling self.