U S Anderson Love

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The truth about life is the infinite love of God for all
 things. Each man is my brother, bound to me by immortal 
and everlasting ties. I love all people; they dwell 
in my Father and my Father in them. I surrender my 
heart to humanity, and humanity serves me with love. I 
surrender my heart to God, and the love of God becomes 
complete in me. I am one with all the power and vigor and
 knowledge of the universe.

I let go of fear and confusion;
 They are illusions and cannot live with truth, which is
 love, which is complete and fulfilled in me now. The
 great reality of Universal Subconscious Mind is forever 
present at the center of my being. I draw from it perfect 
intelligence, perfect health, perfect peace, perfect happiness, 
perfect love. I surrender all the built up inhibitions 
that have been impressed upon me by the illusions of the

I refuse to accept anything but truth, which is 
always the good and the positive. I move in accord with
 Divine Intelligence. I accept the will and the love of God,
 which I express in laughter and joy and pleasure and 
service. Only the good, the great, the significant, and
 the constructive do I add unto myself. Nothing else is
 allowed into the creative depths of my being. The surging 
desire of each man is to know the fulfillment of love.

way to this fulfillment is through contact with the center
 of consciousness, through communion with the silent 
dweller within. I surrender my doubts and confusions 
and fears. Universal love is complete in me.

I am united
 with God, move with God. I am serene and sure, joyful
 and achieving, confident of ultimate splendor.