U S Anderson Illusion

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I know that I am one with the Universal Mind. I know 
this mind is perfect and I may rely upon it for complete 
guidance in all of my daily affairs. This Universal Mind, 
this great Subconscious Mind, this mind of God knows no 
evil or limitation or lack. It simply creates in my 
experience that which I believe and accept. Therefore I 
deny all evil and all error. When my eyes and my senses 
are deluded with the apparent circumstance of evil, I turn
 away, lifting my thoughts to the perfection and abundance 
and love of all the universe.

I know that God does 
not create evil; and I know that by using the power of God I am able to deny evil, which is only illusion, simply 
error, and will not stand before truth. For the great 
reality is good, which is always attempting to manifest 
itself. I know that error or evil is the result of my own
 thought, is the result of error on my part, is the result of 
isolating myself from the power of the Universal Mind.

I know that the Universal Mind is constantly creating in
 my experience that which I think, and if evil is manifested, 
it has come from my own thought; and my own thought 
may as quickly deny it. I do not will anything 
to happen, for I am not bigger than God. I simply 
understand that the law of creation is bigger than I am 
and that I cannot help my thoughts and beliefs from 
becoming real in my experience.

Therefore I hold my thoughts 
steadfastly on the good. I do not do this with effort, 
as if I were commanding something to act. I simply relax 
in contemplation of the good, secure in the knowledge that
 everything rests with a power much greater than I Am. 
I trust this power. I have complete faith and confidence
 in this power. I rely upon this power for guidance in all 
my daily affairs. I refuse to accept evil, and evil is gone. 
I accept good, and the supply and love 
of the universe are mine.