U S Anderson Faith

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Here in solitude, in this time of peace, of meditation,
 I withdraw deep into the silent recesses of my being to
 a place of utter calm. Slowly the world retreats from 
around me, until finally I am alone. Walled away from
 all clamor and strife there is nothing but me. I am not 
body; I am not thought; I am not experience; I am not
 the past nor the present nor the future. I simply am.
 Across my consciousness comes a constant procession of 
thoughts and I observe them. I do not make up these 

I know they come from the Universal 
Subconscious Mind, and I watch as they are presented to 
me. I slow the train of thoughts. I examine each of them, 
then let go, neither accepting nor rejecting. On and on the 
thoughts come, and I ask myself, “Who is it that observes
 this?” And I hear the answer, “Thou that art, always 
have been, and always will be—thou observes!,” and I
 understand. Divorced from body, thought, and 
experience, I still exist as I always must. Here then is my 
true self, a thing independent of all but spirit, a 
contemplative “I,” which only observes and chooses from the 
thoughts that cross consciousness.

Whatever I choose is 
mine. Whatever I reject shall never touch me. I need
 only observe and accept, and all things will be added
 unto me by a power which leaps to acknowledge my faith
 and my decision. I sense such warmth and security as
 might overflow the world. I sense a fusion of my being
 with the great Universal Subconscious Mind, the mind 
of God. I sense the presence of the Father who knows 
no wrath, who does all things at his child’s bidding.

 sense my union with this Father by immutable and 
irrevocable bonds. I am one with all truth, 
all beauty, all justice, all love.