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People keep asking how to download these affirmations. Obviously this is a streaming site that took several months to create and narrate. And I made it free for a reason. But, I realize that a lot of people like having affirmations on their phones and tablets I have decided to make that option now available. Do not feel the need to avail yourself of this, but it is available if you should so wish. How it Works; You can choose 5 affirmations, any length, ie,single, 10x, etc…send me the titles of the affirmations, I will send you a paypal invoice for $25, $5.00 each and when the invoice is paid I will zip a folder together and send you a link. Easy peasy…

This site is for those that are looking for help with their meditation and affirmation work. We have accumulated an incredible resource of affirmations and meditations from some of the greatest metaphysical authors of our time and the past.

We then recorded the affirmations and added the text for those of you that are more visual.


Simple. Scan the menu bar at the right, find a topic that sounds interesting to you, click the topic and you will be taken to that page. There are three ways you can utilize this site and the meditations and affirmations.

#1 If you are visual, simply read and recite the affirmations out loud.

#2 If you enjoy being read too, play the audios. We have setup 3 different audios for each file. A single play file, a 10 looped file ( plays 10 times in a row ) and for those hard core a 25 loop file.

#3 Personally I like this option the best. Choose which file you want to play, and then you read along with the audio. Remember the old saying “When Two or More are Gathered in My Name” just think of me as your affirmation buddy.


Please do….if you have a personal affirmation or I AM Meditations that you would like to share, click the contact / submit button in the TOP menu bar and send me a TEXT version of your affirmation, and if I like it I will record it and add it to the site. Hopefully the site will grow leaps and bounds by user participation.



NOTHING Happens without FEELING.

“The feeling element is the female element”

The mental action alone is really “knowing,” or conscious consciousness; and may be said to be the first • step the mentality takes to experience anything. This “knowing,” unaccompanied by feeling, does not produce a visible effect. This “knowing” is the male element of Mind, the per­ceptive element. When this perceptive element is used alone, it produces• no visible effect or experience. It is on a par with the mentality that mentally draws plans of a house or invention, but never gets beyond the plan-drawing stage. Some­ thing more than mere plan-drawing is needed, before an individual mentality will actually set to work to externalize the house or invention. This something more is feeling.If there is no feeling • accompanying the house-planning, the mentality will not exert itself actually to produce the house or invention. It is no different in cases of success or failure, health or sickness, happiness or sorrow.

One could spend a century in planning or thinking health, and still not experience it; simply because, thinking or knowing without feeling, can­ not produce the experience called health; for health is a state of both knowing and feeling. The feeling element is the female element, or the mother element, which fulfills or brings to fruition or conscious experience, that which the knowing element thinks or perceives.

Knowing is really perception ; and mental per­ception might be said to be the first step towards conceiving. Conceiving, the second step, may be likened to reasoning, wherein the mental element is actively engaged in formulating or organizing its perception or knowing into a stabilized state, or a feeling of certainty ; and in this way feeling is engendered. Every set conclusion that the mentality arrives at has both the elements of knowing and feeling in combination. When the mentality really arrives at any set conclusion, that conclusion is always accompanied by the sense of certainty, which is really a feeling of certainty. All can prove this to themselves by giving a little thought to their past experiences.

This very perception or knowing, this apprehending or reasoning, and this comprehending or mental conclusion is the triune element, called mind. It is a trinity in unity, that produces only in unity. Not one of this trinity, alone, will produce form or experience; because it is only a single element, and it takes the three to produce objective form. This trinity in unity is the triune element; which was first called the Almighty by Abraham, because he recognized its all-power; and later, by others, called God, having been named this to correspond with its quality, which is all­ good.

The mistaken sense, that the primal element is a personal God or an enlarged Being, came about through misunderstanding; and through the indi­vidual erringly believing himself to be the servant of some unknown power.This, in turn, brought about the error of praying to, and pleading with, the supposititious, personal God for favors; instead of following the teachings of the few, who knew the facts and admonished all.to get understanding.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom :” so wrote Solomon

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