Murphy Victory Over Obstacles

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Victories Over All Obstacles to Richer Living

I now let go of everything; I enter into the realization of peace, harmony, and joy. God is all, over all, through all, and all in all. I lead the triumphant life, because I know that divine love guides, directs, sustains, and heals me. The immaculate presence of God is at the very center of my being; it is made manifest now in every atom of my body. There can be no delay, impediment, or obstruction to the realization of my hearts desire.

The Almighty power of God is now moving in my behalf. None shall stay its hand, and say unto it, what doest thou? I know what I want; my desire is clear-cut and definite. I accepted completely in my mind. I remain faithful to the end. I have entered into the silent inner knowing that my prayer is answered and my mind is at peace