Murphy Riches of Faith

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation For the Riches of Faith

Jesus said, thy faith had made thee whole.

I positively believe in the healing power of God within me. My conscious and subconscious mind are in perfect agreement. I accept the statement of truth which I positively affirm. The words I speak are words of spirit and they are truth.

I now decree that the healing power of God is transforming my whole body, making me whole, pure, and perfect. I believe with a deep, inner certitude that my prayer of faith is being manifested now. I am guided by the wisdom of God in all matters. The love of God flows in transcendent beauty and loveliness into my mind and body, transforming, restoring and energizing every atom of my being. I sense the peace that passes understanding. God’s glory surrounds me, and I rest forever in the everlasting arms