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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Miracle Power Steps to Richer Living and Financial Success

Wist ye not that I be about my father’s business. I know that my business, profession or activity is God’s business. God’s business is always basically successful. I am growing in wisdom and understanding every day. I know, believe and accept the fact that God’s law of abundance is always working for me, through me and all around me.

My business or profession is full of right action and right expression. The ideas, money, merchandise and contacts that I need are mine now and at all times. All these things are irresistibly attracted to me by the law of universal attraction. God is the life of my business; I am divinely guided and inspired in all ways. Every day I am presented with wonderful opportunities to grow, expand and progress. I am building up goodwill. I am a great success, because I do business with others, as I would have them do it with me.