Murphy Peace and Harmony

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Peace and Harmony in Daily Living

All is peace and harmony in my world, for God in me is the Lord of peace. I am the consciousness of God in action; I am always at peace. My mind is poised, serene, and calm in this atmosphere of peace and goodwill which surrounds me, I feel a deep abiding strength and freedom from all fear. I now sense and feel the love and beauty of his holy presence.

Day by day I am more aware of God’s love; all that is false falls away. I see God personified in all people. I know that as I allow this inner peace to flow through my being, all problems are solved. I dwell in God; therefore, I rest in the eternal arms of peace. My life is the life of God. My peace is the deep, unchanging peace of God;
it is the peace of God, which passes all understanding.