Murphy Love and Goodwill

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation Love and Goodness Will Prosper Me

All yee are bretheran, for one is your father. I always bring harmony, peace and joy into every situation and into all of my personal relationships. I know, believe and claim that the peace of God reigns supreme in the mind and heart of everyone in my home and business. No matter what the problem is, I always maintain peace, poise, patience and wisdom. I fully and freely forgive everyone, regardless of what they may have said or done. I cast all my burdens on the God self within; I go free; this is a marvelous feeling.
I know that blessings come to me as I forgive.

I see the Angel of God’s presence behind every problem or difficult situation. I know the solution is there and that everything is working out in divine order. I trust the God presence implicitly; it has the know-how of accomplishment. The absolute order of heaven and his absolute wisdom are acting through me now and at all times;
I know that order is heaven’s first law.

My mind is now fixed joyously and expectantly on this perfect harmony. I know the result is the inevitable, perfect solution; my answer is God’s answer; it is divine; for it is the melody of God’s broadcast.