Murphy Infinite Riches

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Being in the Presence of Infinite Riches

Today I am reborn spiritually! I completely detach myself from the old way of thinking and I bring divine love, light and truth definitely into my experience. I consciously feel love for everyone I meet. Mentally I say to everyone I contact, I see the God he knew and I know you see the God in me. I recognize the qualities of God in everyone. I practice this morning, noon and night; it is a living part of me.

I am reborn spiritually now, because all day long I practice the presence of God. No matter what I am doing, whether I am walking the street, shopping or about my daily business, whenever my thought wanders away from God or the good, I bring it back to the contemplation of his holy presence. I feel noble, dignified and godlike. I walk in a high mood sensing my oneness with God. His peace fills my soul