Murphy Impregnating Mind

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation For Impregnating Your Subconscious Mind

Be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. My creative word is my silent conviction that my prayer is answered. When I speak the word for healing, success or prosperity, my word is spoken in the consciousness of life in power, knowing that it is done.

My word has power, because it is one with omnipotence. The words I speak are always constructive and creative. When I pray, my words are full of life, love and feeling; this makes my affirmations, thoughts and words creative. I know the greater my faith behind the words spoken, the more power it has. The words I use form a definite mold which determine what for my thought is to take.

Divine intelligence operates through me now in reveals to me what I need to know. I have the answer now. I am at peace. God is peace.