Murphy Effective Imagination

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation For Effective Imagination

Where there is no vision, the people perish. My vision is that I desire to know more of God and the way he works. My vision is for perfect health, harmony and peace. My vision is the inner faith that infinite Spirit leads and guides me now and always. I know and believe that the God power within me answers my prayer; this is a deep conviction within me I know that the mental picture to which I remain faithful will be developed in my subconscious mind and come forth on the screen.

I make it my daily practice to imagine for myself and others only that which is noble, wonderful and Godlike. I now imagine that I am doing the thing I long to do; I imagine that I now possess the things I long to possess; I imagine I am what I long to be. To make it real, I feel the reality of it; I know that it is so. Thank you, father.