Murphy Controlling Emotions

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Controlling My Emotions

When a negative thought of fear, jealousy, or resentment enters my mind, I supplant it with the thought of God. My thoughts are God’s thoughts, and God’s power is with my thoughts of good. I know I have complete dominion over my thoughts and emotions.
I am a channel of the divine.

I now redirect all my feelings and emotions along harmonious, constructive lines. The sons of God shouted for joy. I now rejoice to accept the ideas of God which are peace, harmony, and goodwill and I delight to express them; this heals all discord within me. Only God’s ideas enter my mind, bringing the harmony, health, and peace.

God is love. Perfect love casts out fear, resentment, and all negative states. I now fall in love with truth. I wish for all men everything I wish for myself; I radiate love, peace, and goodwill to all. I am at peace.