Murphy Achieving Balanced Mind

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Joseph Murphy: Meditation for Achieving the Balanced Mind for Wise Decisions

thou will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee. I know that the inner desires of my heart come from God within me. God wants me to be happy. The will of God for me is life, love, truth, and beauty. I mentally accept my good now and I become a perfect channel for the divine.

I come into his presence singing; I enter into his courts with praise; I am joyful and happy;
I am still and poised.

The still small voice whispers in my ear revealing to me my perfect answer. I am an expression of God. I am always in my true place doing the thing I love to do. I refuse to accept the opinions of man as truth. I now turn within and I sense and feel the rhythm of the divine. I hear the melody of God whispering its message of love to me.

My mind is God’s mind, and I’m always reflecting divine wisdom and divine intelligence. My brain symbolizes my capacity to think wisely and spiritually. God’s ideas unfold within my mind with perfect sequence. I am always poised, balanced, serene, and calm, for I know that God will always revealed to me the perfect solution to all my needs.