I AM Invocation 9

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I AM Invocation

From out the Great Silence, O Thou Luminous Brother! We welcome
Thee and Thy Ministry unto America; and as Thou hast put forth Thy Opening
Wedge this day, so shall those under this Radiation become aware of Thy Presence
—O Thou Great Light that illumines all earthly minds, making them aware of the
One Eternal Presence, the One Intelligence governing all the activity that “I AM,”
individualized everywhere.

We give praise and thanks that there is but One Intelligence governing everywhere,
and the duty of the student always, no matter what the appearance, is to accept
only this fact; and that he becomes a radiant channel to pour out this Truth like a
gushing stream, pouring itself forth to the Great Ocean of Life. We give praise and
thanks that out of the Silence has come another Presence who will bless, lift and
enlighten humanity. By the Power which “I AM” and the accumulated Wisdom and
Energy of the centuries, I project forth into the minds of humanity this day that
Intelligent Activity which will guide them aright and control them to act

By the “I AM,” the “Universal I AM,” the Great One,
I command this Power to act in all mankind.