I AM Invocation 26

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I AM Invocation

Mighty Luminous Presence! “I AM” the Conquering Power. “I AM” the
Radiant Splendor filling everything in manifestation. “I AM” the Life flowing
through all manifestation. “I AM” the Intelligence governing all activity, Inner and
outer, making it One Perfect Activity. Out of Thy Light, “Mighty Presence which I
AM,” all things are precipitated into form. “I AM” the Exhaust-less Energy governed
by Thy Wondrous, Infinite Intelligence. Light the Illumining Center within these
bodies who come under this Radiation.

Expand that Light into the Full Illumination of the body and mind, raising
it into Thy Active, Perfect Eternal Garment.
Mighty Light! send forth Thy Rays into the hearts of mankind, into all official
places, commanding Justice, Illumination and Perfection of Thy Self to express,
bringing relief, release, and Light unto humanity; and by Thy Governing Principle,
command all things in the outer human activity to give obedience. I bring you
Greetings from the Great Host of Loved Ones, who always watch and minister to
those whose devotion reaches unto them.