I AM Invocation 16

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I AM Invocation

Thou Mighty, Illumining Presence which “I AM”! in gratitude and
praise, we enter into the Fullness of Thy Presence today; and forever receive Thy
Limitless Blessings, Thy Strength and Courage, Thy Joyous Enthusiasm, all of which
is Self-sustained.

We know there is but One Presence! “I AM that Presence” of all Activity, all
Wisdom and Power, and in the Freedom of that Mighty Presence we stand serene,
unmoved among all outer things which seem to point to the contrary.

“I stand serene in Thy Great Forever; I claim Thy Great Dominion in my place! I
stand in the Radiance of God Eternal, ever looking Thee full in the Face.”

I bring you Greetings from the Great Host, and also Their Blessings for the happy
enthusiasm which has been entered into. We shall endeavor to sustain you in that
joyous enthusiasm as the Hub of this Radiation, because all the students will feel
and act It. Far more has been accomplished this week than was anticipated, and
We enter with you into the great rejoicing. The loving blessing of each student
unto the other is most commendable, and this simple thing will open the door, oh
so wide! to receive the fullness intended for them.