I AM Invocation 14

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I AM Invocation

Thou Mighty, Wondrous Presence! We give praise and thanks for
Jesus Christ’s Presence today. We rejoice in the Fullness of the Christ Activity, the
Active Presence of God.

Out of the Fullness of this Presence comes pouring, like a mighty stream gushing
forth from the mountains, the Energy of Illumination. This Great and Mighty
Stream of Life, with all its attributes of Perfection surging into the hearts of
mankind, is anchoring in everyone Peace, Love, Harmony, Faith, and Charity to all.
Thou Mighty Presence, Infinite Love, enfolding all mankind! Give special notice to
these earnest students who have come under this Radiation. Give every Assistance
that is permissible. Strengthen them to stand unwaveringly in the Light and face
the Truth, joyously willing to pluck out of their lives and creation all undesirable

Fill all official places with Mighty Messengers of Light! Sustain them by Thy Mighty
Ascended Host, that they may be strong enough to stand unwavering and
successful before any sinister force.

We give praise and thanks for this day as an uplifting and wonderful memory
established in the consciousness of mankind. May that rapidly approaching time
come when every day may be a thanksgiving in the hearts of mankind for Thy
Light ever enfolding all who wish it. I bring you Greetings from the Ascended Host
and Jesus himself.