I AM Invocation 12

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I AM Invocation

“I AM” the Joy, the Courage, the Confidence pervading all the earth
—filling the hearts of mankind —consuming all generated thought of depression or
lack in the minds of mankind; and that which has been sent forth through lack of
confidence shall be wiped from the earth.

“I AM” the Presence, the Perfect Christ Activity in the minds of all humanity, filling
all official places, causing It to sustain all personalities, causing them to turn with
quick certainty to the Source of their Being, the Perfect Life manifest in all outer
expression. “I AM” the Presence proclaiming the Conscious Active Divinity in
manifestation everywhere.

This shall be! For ” ‘I AM’ the Supreme Conquering Presence. ‘I AM’ here and ‘I AM’
there. I go everywhere, touching the brains of mankind as with a streak of
Lightning—not with consuming power, but with the ‘I AM Presence’ that will no
longer be gainsaid.” I bring you Greetings, Joy and Love from the Great Host.
It is so wonderful, Beloved Ones, to have such perfect peace and calmness in your
minds these mornings. Oh, could you understand the value of maintaining that
peace of mind! There is nothing that warrants it being disturbed.

Your melodies were beautiful, and wonderful words shall come forth to bless
through the melodies. There is that Great Joy and advancing Conquering Presence
that will bless your home, world, and students with Its Glorifying Presence—with
Its Presence of opulence streaming forth like a mighty river to all who make
themselves worthy by the peace and harmony of mind.