I AM Benediction 8

Single Play
Looped 10
Looped 25

I AM Benediction

Thou Great Happiness-the Mighty Presence and Power which “I
AM”11 qualify Thee to go forth in the hearts of mankind, anchoring there and filling
their minds, bodies and homes, filling them with Thy Great Happiness. Open the
door of their consciousness so that the Mighty Power which “I AM” can come forth
in Full Perfection. O Mighty Presence! Hold the Children of Light, the
Individualities of God, hold them close in Thy Embrace, letting Thy Quality flow
forth in their command, filling them with Thy Great Peace. O Mighty Presence of
Justice! Enter in and reign in all official places. Let the destructive intent of
mankind be revealed, that it may be cast out and be consumed. Let the Fullness
and Power of Thy Radiant Light enfold all, and Thy Glorious Transcendent Light fill
all places.