GOD The Warrior

Single Play
Looped 10
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GOD THE WARRIOR (30:14 mark)

I AM the battle standard
I AM your sharp two edge sword
I AM your battle cry
I AM a warrior; and my kingdom is spread by force
I AM the lord mighty in battle
I AM the one who annihilates satan’s plans
I AM the spirit of might
I AM the master planner of all nations and kingdoms
I AM he who leads you; for my great name sake
I AM the conqueror of death; hell; and the grave
I AM both warrior and poet
I AM the supreme God; the deliverer; and possessor
I AM the Lord of hosts
I AM the kingdom; the power; and the glory
I AM God who casts out nations before you
I AM commander and chief of all heaven’s armies
I AM he who drives out the wicked before you
I AM the defender of those who believe in me
I AM your strength
I AM the lamb sitting on the throne
I AM your victorious banner
I AM the fullness of greatness; power; glory; victory; and majesty
I AM God almighty and infinite in strength
I AM your mighty shield
I AM the lion of the tribe of Judah
I AM the sword of the spirit
I AM your high tower
I AM the defender of Israel
I AM your fortress
I AM omnipotent
I AM the enemy of the enemies of Israel