GOD the Shepherd

Single Play
Looped 10
Looped 25

GOD THE SHEPHERD (21:52 mark)

I AM your shepherd; you shall not want.
I AM the rod that chastises and brings you comfort
I AM in the desert wilderness to be tender with you
I AM near to those who have a broken heart
I AM your confidence
I AM compassion
I AM in the father
I AM with you and will keep you wherever you go
I AM the refuge of the poor
I AM your Father
I am God in the stillness
I AM the Lord. He who is joined with me is one spirit with me
I AM the spirit of counsel
I AM your provider
I AM tenderness
I AM the true shepherd
I AM the dispeller of all fear and doubt
I AM interceding for you right now
I AM love
I AM the staff that retrieves you
I AM man’s friend who sticks closer than a brother
I AM the shepherd’s rod
I AM God who is with you in the valley of the shadow of death
I AM there with you
I AM God who strengthens you
I AM the candle lighting your path
I AM the Lord. Precious in my sight; is the death of all my saints
I AM the counselor; mighty God; everlasting father
I AM your peace and calm
I AM he who wipes away your tears
I AM the saving refuge of my anointing