GOD the Ancient One

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GOD THE ANCIENT ONE (24:48 mark)

I AM the Lord God of Abraham; Isaac; and Jacob
I AM the Holy Spirit who hovered over the chaos of this earth
I AM the light of Genesis that was before light was
I AM the sacred Shma of the ancients
I AM the light of the ancients
I AM the holy one of Israel
I AM the one whose ways are perfect
I AM God; the fear of me is clean; enduring forever
I AM the holy of holies
I AM the God of knowledge
I AM the lord sitting on his throne
I AM God; who formed the earth to be inhabited
I AM understanding
I AM God who is joined to the eunuch
I AM the God of all the holy prophets and scripture
I AM God who divided the sea
I AM the Lord of the dance
I AM the Lord
I AM the guiding star at Jesus’s birth
I AM God who turned water into wine
I AM he; of whom all prophets foretold
I AM the root of the offspring of David
I AM God who leads you into all truth
I AM the God whose rainbow is my everlasting covenant with you
I AM the root of Jesse
I AM the God of Jerusalem; wherein is my name
I AM the creator of Israel
I AM the God who divided the waters
I AM the fountain of the house of David
I AM God; who shuts up the heavens
I AM God who turns water into blood
I AM married to Israel

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