GOD of Sacrifice

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GOD OF SACRIFICE (11:47 mark)

I AM the Christ
I AM the eternal sacrifice
I AM the cup of the blood
I AM the blood that cleanses you from sin
I AM the crucified messiah of Calvary
I AM your righteousness
I AM the Yom Kippur offering to expiate all sins
I AM worthy to open and read the scroll
I AM Noah’s ark in a world still filled with sin
I AM the wine and the bread
I AM alive forevermore
I AM the sprinkled blood of the lamb on the doorpost of Israel
I AM the door to the father
I AM the lord who rescues those with a contrite spirit
I AM God’s son; sent to be seen face to face
I AM your sanctification
I AM the blood atonement
I AM he that left heaven for you
I AM God’s only son
I AM eternally blind to what I’ve forgiven
I AM the bread of life broken for you
I AM he who blots out your transgression
I AM supplication
I AM the pierced Messiah
I AM the keeper of the keys to hades and death
I AM the God of your salvation
I AM the lamb that was slain
I AM the Father; Son; and Holy Spirit
I AM the Father; Son; and Holy Ghost
I AM outside the camp; come to me
I AM the way; the truth; and the life