GOD of Promise

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GOD OF PROMISE (18:22 mark)

I AM returning
I AM God and I want you to believe in me
I AM he who places your tears in my bottle; in my book
I AM God who shows you things to come
I AM the 7 spirits and they are me
I AM the Lord; the fear of me is a fountain of life
I AM God; my secrets are with those who fear me
I AM life’s guarantor of joy and health
I AM God who will be found by those who seek me; with all their heart and soul
I AM; and you shall know my names
I AM he who leads you in the paths of righteousness
I AM the architect of the last days
I AM the sole key giver of heaven
I AM the God who hears
I AM the lord who hears those who speak about my name
I AM God who leads you to prophesy
I AM the soon coming king
I AM the Lord; I do not change
I AM always with you wherever you are
I AM God who speaks thru dreams
I AM God who reveals his form
I AM the healing you seek
I AM the savior who will descend on the Mount of Olives
I AM God who gives you visions
I AM God of those who are growing old
I AM coming quickly
I AM the one coming on the white horse
I AM the soon rending of the heavens
I AM the precision of my scripture
I AM waiting for you