GOD Of Mercy

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GOD OF MERCY (8:39 mark)

I AM God who is merciful
I AM favor; and I grant favor to whom I choose
I AM God of the spotted and the speckled
I AM the prince of peace; prophesied by the prophet Isaiah
I AM God who restores your soul
I AM the friend of sinners
I AM God; I tempt no one
I AM the God of peace
I AM he who weeps with those who weep
I AM he who speaks from a position of mercy
I AM long suffering
I AM my spirit
I AM gracious
I AM the forgiver of all transgressions
I AM the manna which came down from heaven
I AM the breath that gives you life
I AM he who will not remember your sins
I AM the beloved in the Song of songs
I AM God that stretches out his hand
I AM the liberty you seek through my spirit
I AM ever faithful
I AM God in the midst of your land
I AM the forgiver of iniquity
I AM abundant in mercy
I AM the altar of peace for your fear
I AM the Lord who makes wise the simple
I AM God who is daily full of new mercy
I AM God who comforts you
I AM God of the poor and stranger
I AM gentle and lowly in heart
I AM the Lord who exercises loving kindness