GOD Of Justice

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GOD OF JUSTICE (14:46 mark)

I AM the righteous judge of all creation
I AM the King of kings
I AM with the generation of the righteous
I AM God; my statutes rejoice the heart
I AM the one who makes unbreakable covenants with man
I AM holy; pure; and undefiable
I AM God; besides me; there is no God
I AM God by which all actions are weighed
I AM God; my testimony is sure
I AM God; my commandments enlighten the eyes
I AM the witness on your behalf
I AM righteous; kings humble themselves before me
I AM God whose eyelids test the sons of men
I AM the spirit of wisdom
I AM my ordinances
I AM the divine judge of all things
I AM the law
I AM my statutes; walk in them
I AM judge of the living and the dead
I AM the spirit of the fear of the Lord
I AM righteous
I AM perfect knowledge
I AM before whom every tongue will confess
I AM the unbiased; impartial judge
I AM the lord who loves righteousness
I AM the lord and my judgements are righteous all together
I AM he who sent Moses to deliver Israel
I AM God and no one can reverse my acts
I AM to be feared above all Gods
I AM God who refines you
I AM my judgements
I AM the Lord who heals you