GOD of Every Creature

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Looped 10
Looped 25


I AM the Lord; the fear of me is the beginning of wisdom
I AM the God of multiplication and reproduction
I AM Jehovah that is my name
I AM the God of the seraphim
I AM the God of all flesh
I AM divine grace
I AM the vine
I AM the artists that all artisans draw from
I AM ADONAY; ELO’AH; Eloheenu; there is no other
I AM the God of the cherubim
I AM the foundation of the world
I AM invisible; yet all creation speaks of me
I AM God I want you to understand and know me
I AM and you are my witnesses
I AM glorified in you
I AM God who made you a sign to the unbeliever
I AM more than all structures of steel; mortar; and clay
I AM jealous over you
I AM the exalted head over all
I AM God who is joined to the foreigner
I AM God who speaks face to face
I AM the sovereign ruler of all creation
I AM your next breath
I AM the light of the world
I AM God and all that is in heaven and in earth is mine
I AM Emmanuel God dwelling among men
I AM high and lifted up by all creation
I AM the outpoured spirit on all flesh
I AM he who rejoices with those who rejoice
I AM the only creator of all that exists
I AM savior of both the Gentiles and the Jews
I AM he; before whom every knee will bow