GOD of Eternity

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GOD OF ETERNITY (33:36 mark)

I AM; I never change
I AM the first and the last
I AM one
I AM man’s builder of faith thru the ages
I AM ruler of both the night and the day
I AM the uncaused; eternal; self existent one
I AM king forever and ever
I AM spirit
I AM the alpha and the omega
I AM God whose eye behold
I AM the same everyday
I AM the word of life called the bible
I AM the cornerstone
I AM the resurrection and the life
I AM not of this world
I AM God who knows all my works through eternity
I AM omnipresent
I AM the one who simultaneously sees beginning and end
I AM God ready to perform my word
I AM three in one; equal and eternal
I AM before the day was
I AM all my names
I AM the self sufficient; self sustaining; self creating one
I AM God there is no other
I AM the word which was in the beginning
I AM the rock of ages on which you stand
I AM he who was; is; and is to come
I AM who I am
I AM the everlasting God
I AM he who inhabits eternity