Daily Affirmation 77

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Daily Affirmation

My body is my dearest oldest friend.
Today I deliberately move my body with joy.
I know that bodies want to move and to feel the Qi moving through with ease. Bodies crave balance.
Today I accept and bless my body just as it is, and just as it is not. I meet it where it is.

I do not punish, abuse, pound or resent my body.
I lovingly speak and think of every single part of it and I speak TO IT with loving words. I pay attention to it and have no fear, guilt or shame about it.
I move my body with love today and respect it as a dear close friend who serves me as best it can each day. I do the best I can with where we are today because I make the best of things, not the worst.

Every breath I take renews the cells, the blood, the tissues and the organs. The Life Force knows what to do to restore harmony and perfect balance of vitality.
I am a patient, kind and loving steward of this wonderful vehicle of Life.
I love and appreciate my beautiful body.