Daily Affirmation 42

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Daily Affirmation

In my world, magic and miracles are daily happenings.
I find beauty in the most mundane and simple things
because I see with spiritual vision, not merely by physical sight.
All around me, the fairies of the Universe conspire to Light
my path and lead me to the open doors to my greatest joy.

I expect Life to go well today for my world is formed by my thoughts.
My world is a place of rainbows, unicorns and butterscotch fields
even while on the concrete roads and behind corporate doors.
The magic is in me, not in the world because that is where God placed it.
I am happy in my present and looking forward to all the wonders
that lay before me today as I walk through the magical open doors.
I am calm, alert and ready to ACCEPT the gifts of God today.