Daily Affirmation 39

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Daily Affirmation

I can always soothe my way to a better feeling place.
It’s not my job to force anything for I can work with whatever
Energies are present at the moment to make gentle progress.
One thought at a time I am able to change my vibration
to a more spacious life giving one as I shift my attitude.

I stay in my own yard and keep my eyes on my own paper
as I focus on all the positive aspects of whatever or whoever crosses my mind.
I am making good choices today that lead to my greater peace and Joy.
I am noticing all the good that fills and surrounds my world today.
Whatever needs to get done today will be done by Divine Grace within me
as I take my gentle journey up the emotional scale.

I am allowing my good to find me today.
I have called off the search and am instead lining up with
my dreams, visions and intentions for a life of joyous abundance.
As I focus on following my JOY, the blessings that are mine come running
to me like happy puppies rolling in ecstasy at my feet.

I open myself to all the joyous good that the Universe has for me today
and my Joy increases the Joy of all the children of God who
are open to receive it – We are healed together in Divine Grace.
I am so happy to see what delightful surprises await me as
I walk in Love and peace and Joy.