Daily Affirmation 32

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Daily Affirmation

I arise and walk in gentleness today.
The peace of God is mine and I activate it now.
There is no war to fight – no enemy of the Light.
I release and dissolve all attack thoughts, all strategies,
all schemes and resentments and judgments.

I appreciate what is and I am not striving to get anything,
nor to arrive somewhere different.
I walk in tenderness today and I see a world of
beauty and Light as I am healed in gentle laughter.
All that I do is done with loving non-attachment
as I surrender it all to the Divine Presence within me.

This is a day that unfolds in effortless joyful ease
as I focus on gratitude, praise and appreciation.
There is nothing to fix, or fear, or push against.
All is well in my world.