Daily Affirmation 30

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Daily Affirmation

There is only ONE Power and Presence.
There is no opposition to this One Divine Source.
There is nothing to fight against nor fear.
There is no need to worry or rush about.
Spirit is the Doer and I am the channel.
I cannot predict nor control what is going to happen today.
But there is a Dynamic Something within that
responds to my thoughts, words and feelings.
I now align myself with the Infinite Presence within all.
All things in my world are accomplished in effortless joy & cooperation.

I awaken the Creativity and Genius within me now.
I TRUST the Source to line everything up without my manipulation.
I have no idea what should happen today for
I am on a need-to-know basis as a happy miracle worker.
I sense the Energies in each situation and I do not force nor resist.
I am not seeking or searching. I am invoking Higher Energies.

I RELAX into the flow of the Great Mother Tao and allow
all things to work together in harmony as I show up,
on time, prepared, doing what I said I would do,
with love, peace and Joy.

I am instructed by Source from within and expect
a day of joyous miracles and of Light.
There is nothing to fix – only an opportunity to heal.
For this I am so grateful as I now I release my day to God.
All is well, all is well, all is well.