Daily Affirmation 22

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Daily Affirmation

I need DO nothing for I live and walk in the Christ Consciousness today. There is no separation and no lack of any good in my world. I will not worry or fret – I will not let ego steal my joy. The creation of this day is not based on my doing, but on my Consciousness and Who I choose as my Guide for the day.
I choose Spirit within to lean on and walk with through my day. I am shown the good, the beautiful and the holy as I allow my mind to be healed of all attack thoughts.

As I relax into the Grace of God, all my good comes rushing to meet me, solutions unfold in ease, and problems are solved before they can take root.
I breathe in the Peace of God and this vibration of Peace emanates from me and touches all those who are open to receive it. There is nothing for me to struggle with or against, nothing to strive after nor yearn for. As I rest in God, I remember that truly, I need do nothing but follow my Joy, Peace and Love as it calls me together with the greater good of all concerned.