Daily Affirmation 10

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Daily Affirmation

I am open to experiencing the best of everything.
Nothing is too good for me – nothing too good to be true.
Life loves me and wants to express AS a thriving me.
This is a lavish abundant limitless Universe – there is more
than enough good to go around – so many opportunities for good,
so much money, so many single available people, good food, knowledge,
love, kindness, resources, ideas, homes, healings and healers,
talent, understanding, inspiration, support and good connections.
There is no limitation, no ceiling to what I can be, do or experience.
I am lining up with my greater good as I give thanks
for all that has already been given and received.
I am happy in my now and joyfully open to even more good.
Today I am focused on the opportunities to up my vibration.
I am tuned into the Guidance that leads me to the open doors!

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